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Fairy LiceMothers' MagicMousse contains safe, food grade enzymes ideal for killing lice. The enzyme breaks down the exoskeleton of the louse so it is unable to survive. Fairy LiceMothers' MagicHalo Shampoo, Conditioner and MagicMint contain lower concentrations of these enzymes, are used as step 2 of our removal process and serve as natural lice repellants. The KEY, however, (to removal treatment and prevention) is Fairy LiceMothers' MagicWand. No product alone will remove an infestation. Lice removal is a 2 to 3 week process and can be very tedious if not detected early.


Nothing kills nits (lice eggs), despite claims to the contrary. Any product that boasts killing nits is lying to you. Not the toxic poisons the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies would have you put on your chldren, nor the ridiculous electrically charged nit combs. NOTHNG KILLS THE NITS (lice eggs)! Even if they did, you HAVE to comb them out!


The good news is that lice cannot live anywhere except on a human head. Once a louse is away from their blood source, it will die w/in 24 hours. Lice CANNOT lay eggs in stuffed animals or anywhere but on a human hair strand that is attached to a human head. There is NO NEED to bag up your house and go crazy cleaning. It is best to concentrate on everyone's head by using the MagicWand to detect who has lice and who doesn't.


Lice Removal Treatment Services

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Facts of Lice... Disspelling the Myths
Proper Comb-Out Techniques
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Head Checks: $25 per head*
$125 FLAT FEE for buzzed hair
$200 FLAT FEE for all other hair
* There is no charge for a head check if a lice treatment is needed.

We accept all or the following credit cards for lice treatments and lice checks.

May be covered under insurance, is covered under FSA (flexible spending account) and HSA (health savings account).

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Lice Treatments
Fairy LiceMothers are trained and certified in the Shepherd Method of strand-by-strand lice and nit removal:

Step 1
Kill lice with
Fairy LiceMothers'

Girl Getting MagicMousse Lice Treatment

Fairy LiceMothers' MagicMousse is a non-toxic, pesticide free enzyme that kills lice and eases the removal of nits (eggs). It kills lice by breaking down the exoskeleton. Lice cannot survive once this process begins.

We also apply Fairy LiceMothers' MagicHalo Conditioner which helps remove the tangles and eases the nit comb through hair.

Step 2
Comb, Comb, Comb with
Fairy LiceMothers'

Boy Getting Lice Treatment

Once the hair is saturated with MagicMousse, we use the MagicWand to comb through the entire head until nits and lice are no longer visible. In order to use the MagicWand to its full potential all tangles must be removed from the hair. Using theMagicHalo Conditioner right over the MagicMousse allows you to remove tangles easily before using the MagicWand nit comb.

Step 3
Strand-by-Strand Approach:

Girl Getting Strand By Strand Lice Removal

After combing we section the hair, checking the entire head using paper thin sections. We will manually remove any remaining nits.

Step 4
Finishing Up...

Girls Finishing Up Lice Treatment

Once we deem the head nit and lice free, we will put more MagicMousse in the hair and do a final combout with the MagicWand. We finish by putting long hair in a braid.

Step 5

Three Kids Holding Lollipops After Lice Removal



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