Step 1 - Kill Lice with Fairy LiceMothers' MagicMousse

Fairy LiceMothers' MagicMousse is a non-toxic, pesticide free enzyme that kills lice and eases the removal of nits (eggs). It kills lice by breaking down the exoskeleton. Lice cannot survive once this process begins.
We also apply Fairy LiceMothers' MagicHalo Conditioner which helps remove the tangles and eases the nit comb through hair.

Step 2 - Comb with Fairy LiceMothers' MagicWand

Once the hair is saturated with MagicMousse, we use the MagicWand to comb through the entire head until nits and lice are no longer visible. In order to use the MagicWand to its full potential all tangles must be removed from the hair. Using the MagicHalo Conditioner right over the MagicMousse allows you to remove tangles easily before using the MagicWand nit comb.

Step 3 - Strand-by-Strand Approach

After combing we section the hair, checking the entire head using paper thin sections. We will manually remove any remaining nits.

Step 4 - Finishing Up

Once we deem the head nit and lice free, we will put more MagicMousse in the hair and do a final combout with the MagicWand. We finish by putting long hair in a braid.

Step 5 - Lollipops