Fairy LiceMothers' MagicBox

Your guaranteed, proven, COMPLETE solution for only $29.99!

  • Includes MagicMousse (initial treatment), MagicHalo Shampoo (follow-up care), and MagicWand (for combing)
  • Developed by Moms who demanded better for their children
  • Certified safe and effective by the FDA
  • Endorsed and used by the Shepherd Institute, the world’s foremost authority on lice treatment and prevention


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MagicHalo Shampoo

Fairy LiceMothers' MagicHalo Shampoo

  • Safe for everyday use as preventive measure too!
  • Naturally occuring enzymes destroy lice exoskeletons
  • No harmful, nerve-damaging pesticides


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MagicHalo Conditioner

Fairy LiceMothers' MagicHalo Conditioner

  • Also safe for everyday use as preventive measure!
  • Significantly eases the combing out of nits via our MagicWand(r) lice treatment comb


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Fairy LiceMothers' MagicMint

  • The ideal preventive measure
  • Also serves as an ideal detangler
  • Peppermint oil (more expensive than lavender oil which is more commonly used by our competitors) repels lice better than anything


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Fairy LiceMothers' MagicMousse

  • Essential to a successful lice treatment and removal
  • Highest concentration of naturally occuring enzymes that kill lice by destroying their exoskeleton
  • Non-toxic and super easy to use


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Fairy LiceMothers' MagicWand

  • #1 rated lice comb available
  • Rugged, superior construction ensures indefinite uses
  • Dishwasher-safe


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