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Treatment Pricing

Head Checks:
$25 per Head
$15 per Head (Repeat Clients)

The Head Check is FREE if a lice treatment is provided.

$125 for buzzed hair
$150 for short hair
$200 for all other hair

Includes 2 FREE Follow Up Visits

*Services are covered under Flex Spending. May be covered under Medical Insurance.

We accept the following credit cards:

Accepted Credit Cards

Do you think you have lice?

Send us a picture of the potential lice or nits.

We will reply back with an answer and some helpful advice.

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Our Mission

Fairy LiceMothers are dedicated to eliminating the persistent lice problem and educating the community on the use of safe and effective lice treatment methods.


We utilize the proven Shepherd Method™ for effective lice and nit removal without the use of chemicals or harmful pesticides.


We offer a personalized, guaranteed safe & effective lice removal treatment that will ease the minds of families dealing with this devastating problem.


We help keep children in school and help parents get back to a normal life.


We use the finest non-toxic treatment products to remove, repel and prevent lice that are affordable and easy to use.
Fairy LiceMothers is always available for FREE lice treatment and removal advice to help you acheive successful results.

Certified by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council

The Fairy LiceMothers are now certified by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council!

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