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Learn about how Fairy LiceMothers started.

Fairy LiceMothers are dedicated to eliminating the persistent lice problem and educating the community on the use of safe and effective treatments. We are 3 mothers who started our business in Oceanside, Long Island in early 2008 as an in-home lice removal service. Because of high demand for our quality service, we have since opened another lice treatment center in Austin TX, with more coming. We are certified as head lice removal clinicians. We were trained by a non-profit lice research facility that conducts research on lice and lice products. We use safe products that do not contain any toxic chemicals. Our removal process is the Shepherd Method, which is a strand-by-strand approach to ensure all lice and nits (lice eggs) are removed. Our prices include 2 follow-up rechecks. This is a crucial step to remain lice free. We remove the infestation during the treatment, but going back to the same environment puts you at risk again. The follow-up visits ensure you remain lice-free. We appreciate how people need to spend money wisely. Our goal is to help you get rid of this problem. If you wish to treat yourself, you can buy our products and we happily walk you through the procedure step-by-step, working with you to eliminate the issue. If you have any questions, feel free to call us anytime; our advice is always FREE.

We also work to educate the community on the real facts of lice. If you would like us to do a presentation for the PTA, community, or any group setting, give us a call. We provide informational seminars at no charge. We are insured, certified, and confidential. We are here to help!


I am a mother of three children. At the time I received the horrifying telephone call from my daughter's summer camp that my daughter had head lice, I was employed part-time outside of my home. My first reactions were repulsion and panic because there is such a stigma that comes with head lice. I thought to myself "how could this happen to us; we are so clean!" I called my Pediatrician for advice and pointers on how to handle the situation. She recommended pesticides and warned me to use them exactly as directed by the manufacturer because they are highly toxic. She warned me not to use them on my infant. After picking up my daughter from summer camp, I headed directly to the local drugstore. I ransacked the shelves and purchased every product imaginable to rid her of this condition. I felt armed with power and able to face what lay ahead of me. I sat my daughter in the bathtub and applied the toxic pesticide onto her head, as per her pediatrician's direction. I began the laborious task of securing all of her personal items that had come into contact with her head. I turned her bedroom upside down, not to mention the pile of laundry that began accumulating. After rinsing the pesticide off my daughter's head, much to my dismay, I saw live lice down her back and in the tub. At this point, I was so horrified I didn't know what to do. I began separating her hair and realized that she was completely infested with lice and nits. As a result, my entire family was screened for lice and sure enough, all five of us were infested, even the baby! Thankfully, I was able to thoroughly remove the infestation from all five of us within a short time. After this ordeal, I was extremely selective in whom I told about our experience with lice. The more people I confided in, the more confessions I heard from other families that found themselves in the same situation I had experienced. However, most families I spoke with had reoccurring infestations. I realized then that this was a problem affecting the community and not just an isolated issue. This is when I decided to educate myself and others on head lice and the proper removal.


I am the mother of 3 children and have had first hand experience with lice. About 2 years ago, my 7 year old daughter was complaining of an itchy head. Never in my wildest dreams did I suspect she had lice. I thought it was just dry scalp due to the heat being on (it was in December). Imagine my surprise when, after rinsing her hair in the tub and combing it out, I found lice bugs! After recovering from what I thought was a heart attack, I immediately called my mother for help (of course this had to happen while my husband was out of town). I told her what was going on and asked her to go to the pharmacy for me. Her response was a very simple "no way am I coming to your house - I'll send your father". At the time I really couldn't blame her, but that is the first misconception about lice - you CANNOT get it just by being around someone who has it. So, my Dad came over with all kinds of products from the pharmacy - none of which we will be using on our clients. Why? Because they are pesticides, they are TOXIC, and they DO NOT kill the lice eggs (also known as nits). That is where the Fairy LiceMothers can help. Removing the nits is an extremely tedious process. If not done correctly you will almost certainly be reinfested with lice (as was my daughter the first time she had it). I just assumed that the product worked and did what it said it would do, which was kill the nits. After going through this on more than one occasion with her, I now know that the only way to completely get rid of lice is to get rid of the bugs AND their eggs. I look forward to helping all of our clients become lice free as quickly as possible.


When I started the company I had 2 elementary school-age children who (luckily) have never experienced head lice. After many letters from camp, however, I became suspicious my daughter was at the beginning of an infestation. While combing through her hair I thought I saw something on her scalp. In a panic, I had my husband purchase a chemical from the drugstore to treat her. After using the chemical on my daughter, I followed the directions and combed her hair. Nothing came out of her hair. No lice, no nits, nothing. Chris came over and confirmed that my daughter did not have head lice and proved panic is not the way to go. I needed someone who knew what to look for to check my daughter's head for me to confirm if she did or did not have lice. From this experience and from Michelle's and Chris' experiences we knew we had to do something for our community. We provide a service that helps families cope with this problem. Wanting hands-on training led me to an intensive training course on The Shepherd Methodâ„¢. After spending much time dealing with severe lice infestations, I earned a certification allowing me to teach the proven Shepherd Methodâ„¢ to others. It is my nature to help people and I feel that I can be available for my community to help families get through this devastating crisis. I have 16 years of Customer Service experience. I am accustomed to working in high pressure, stressful situations, and I have a way of easing peoples' minds when they are in a panic. The most important thing to remember is: Lice IS NOT life threatening, it is a nuisance and can happen to anyone. The second most important thing to remember is Fairy LiceMothers are here for you.