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Fairy LiceMothers has helped tens of thousands of people with head lice. Here's what they have to say.

About 5 years ago my family was treated at your Oceanside store. It was a great experience overall as you helped my family eradicate our lice problem and provided us with thorough, accurate educational information regarding lice. I have since moved to another state and recently had another experience with lice. Disappointingly , I found out that my local services were not on par with what you all offered. Luckily, I was able reference all your old materials and used your nit comb on my own to treat my family.

Hello! :) Im not sure how I can get my testimonial in or who I contact but I must write! The other day I saw a bug in my 11 yr old daughters hair and I FREAKED OUT!! I had heard About Fairy LiceMothers a few years ago through a friend whose daughters had lice. My daughter also had it a few years ago, but since then my patience has worn really thin (LOL)! I looked you up on the internet immediately and called hysterical crying! I heard your happy little message and thought, "How can they make something so horrible sound so great?" (LOL) Well, you certainly did make it as great of an experience as it possibly could be. The lady on the phone told me to come right down! I believe on weekends it's by appt only, but I think they heard how hysterical I was! I went to the Deer Park location because it was the closest to my location in Ridge, NY. Sharon, Nancy, and Jen were the nicest, most knowledgeable, efficient ladies ever! They calmed me down. They calmed my daughter down. When we walked in I was a raving lunatic and when we left I felt so much better! At first I thought i\'s a little pricey, but let me tell you, it's worth EVERY PENNY!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!! We really appreciate everything you have done for us! XOXO

Two years ago my daughter came home from volleyball camp which was held at a college in Connecticut. She attended the camp with 5 friends all of which came home with lice. All the mothers of the girls discussed the lice treatment processes they planned to conduct in their homes. I went to our local drug store and purchased an over the counter remedy. I applied the solution and for an entire week I spent countless hours combing through my daughters hair. I was certain I resolved the problem only to find that was not so. I tried another solution which did not work either. My daughter has brown hair down to her waist so you could appreciate the daunting task of trying to detect any nits or lice. After consulting with the other mothers who were experiencing the same problem, we called our doctors to find out what the dangers were to using the chemicals we had purchased. We were not happy with the dangers the over the counter meds presented. One of the mothers had gone online and found The
Fairy LiceMothers & used their services. I called them as well and the situation was under control in just hours after my phone call. They came to my house, checked our hair and started the process. I was very pleased with the professionalism in which they run their business. My daughter was disgusted that lice were crawling around and they eased her worries. They assured us the treatment was natural and safe and that they would be able to help us. They also advised us that we had a part in this as well and if we did not follow their instructions, there were no guarantees. They educated us and provided us with a card identifying the life cycle of a lice. They also provided us with clear concise instructions on using the shampoo and the importance of the follow up appointments. They left, we complied with their recommendations and we have been lice free since. I have recommended their services and am very thankful they provided safe, stress free resolutions to the infestation. I did not feel embarrassed any longer because they explained it happens and we just have to take care of it. I even thought that I would work for them because I was quite impressed by their demeanor and approach. They get an A+ rating from me.

Fairy LiceMothers provides a very important service to our community. When you are told that a family member has lice you feel as if your entire life is turned upside down. That is until you go to visit the Fairy LiceMothers . They are compassionate and educated. They fix your problem and put your mind at ease. I do not know what I would've done without them when my daughter had lice. Knowing they are there keeps from stressing out when I hear that lice are going around the school.

I am happy to say that I truly believe the Fairy LiceMothers provide a valuable and very difficult to find service. Last year my daughter's class had a perpetual problem with lice and it wasn't until my family was under the care of the Fairy LiceMothers that I could stop worrying About the constant letters from the school. I drove from Massapequa to see them and ironically met another family from Massapequa there in their office - obviously there are not many places addressing this issue or we both would have probably been closer to home.

A few months ago my children came in contact with Lice. Knowing so little About it I ran to the drug store & purchased everything the pharmacist suggested. After using all the products and feeling secure the friend that originally had it called and said they were visiting the Fairy LiceMothers . I didn't really think it was necessary as I followed the directions from the products I purchased but I made an appointment anyway. Much to my surprise my youngest son had a few eggs. The Fairy LiceMothers not only treated him on the spot but educated me on the subject. Had I not gone & visited the Fairy LiceMothers my whole house hold would have come down with lice and given it to god know how many others. I am so grateful that a place like this exists and I recommend it to many. As lovely and knowledgeable as these women are I only hope I never have to visit them again. Thank you so much for your help and care.

Last year, my daughter and son got lice. Fortunately, I was able to control my son's lice in two days. My daughter? Oh, my goodness. I picked her head for 4-6 hours a day for SEVEN DAYS IN A ROW. Each morning we went to school and the nurse found another egg/louse. I was About to come unhinged. I was in tears, exhausted and my poor daughter just wanted to go back to school. Her best friend was in the same boat. Finally, we heard About Fairy LiceMothers . They should be called Fairy Miracle Workers. They solved my daughter's problem in one 3 hour treatment. The same for my daughter's friend. They are WONDERFUL and worth their weight in gold. They provide an extremely valuable service and it makes my heart rest easy knowing that if my children were to ever get lice again, I would go back to them in a heartbeat. These women are educated in their field. They are professional and provide a necessary and valuable service. I can't say enough About them.

Fairy LiceMothers is an asset to our community and provides an important service to many families overwhelmed with lice. I had a personal experience with their company this summer after my daughter contracted lice at her day camp. Michelle and her staff at Fairy LiceMothers were attentive, caring, and professional. They helped my family deal with this problem and I have recommended them to several other families. Their help was invaluable to me and I can't express how grateful I was for it. Theirs is an important community business and should be valued.

The Fairy LiceMothers is a business that has helped me, my family and many of my friends during times that were very traumatic for us all. The Fairy LiceMothers , Carol, Chris and Michelle are three of the kindest, patient and understanding businesswomen I have ever encountered. They are truly professionals. I hope that they are recognized as a much needed business.

I am writing this letter on behalf of Fairy LiceMothers . I had the pleasure of meeting Carol when my daughter got lice. I was a nervous wreck. I brought my whole family in for head checks to find out that three out of the four of us had lice. They were so reassuring and informative. I learned so much About lice and the process it takes to remove it. Thank goodness for Fairy LiceMothers who treated my family and followed us through for 2 weeks to be sure we were rid of it. If not for them, I don't think I would have been able to be rid of the lice. They are an asset to the community. The product they use does not have harsh, harmful chemicals like the products in the store. I recommend them to any of my friends who tell me their family has lice. They are very nice people doing a fabulous service that no parent ever wants to have to deal with and thankfully for Fairy LiceMothers , they do it for us.

This letter is being written to let you know how the salon is so needed in the community. Lice are something that caused me great upsetment as well as my family. I felt as though my daughter and I were looked upon as disgusting and I felt trapped that I would never get the lice and their eggs out of our hair. It wasn't until someone told me About Fairy LiceMothers that I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. The three "fairies" were so knowledgeable and eased my nerves a bit. They walked me through how to rid lice on my own as well as made me feel as though I wasn't less than. I would recommend them to anyone who has been inconvenienced with lice.

A mother learning of a child contracting LICE for the first time is an extremely delicate and emotional time. The unknown, the fear of passing it to siblings or relatives and friends, consumes you every second of the day during the entire episode. Finding out that a service, a helping hand, was a phone call away and could help eliminate the LICE and all the feelings that came with it, was a ray of light.... a relief. The women at The Fairy LiceMothers were so helpful, so friendly and so understanding. They made my Sophia (age 5 at the time) feel so comfortable and secure in their hands; that was so important to me at her age. The value of their service, at my time of need was immeasurable. I am sure most moms would feel the exact same way. Thank you Fairy LiceMothers for joining together and establishing your company. You are a blessing !

Fairy LiceMothers helped my family so much get through a tough time. This is a must needed business. I have told many friends, families, School board About them. They are exceptional at what they do. I don't know what I would've done without them.

I first used the Fairy LiceMothers when I suspected that my daughter and I both had lice. I was so upset because, even though I knew it was common, I was so unsure what I needed to do. I tried to research solutions on the internet, but all I kept seeing was how dangerous and ineffective the chemicals were that could be bought in the store. I happened to find the Fairy LiceMothers ' website and gave them a call. They were so helpful and came over immediately! They thoroughly checked my whole family and found that we did indeed have lice! They spent hours going through each strand of hair. They came back for two rechecks and corrected our misconceptions About what needed to be done to stay lice free. They were a lifesaver to us and used only non-toxic products. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone. It's not enough to think that the lice is gone because then reinfestation is an almost certainty! These three moms are extremely knowledgeable and professional and stand by their work!

My family and I live in Hewlett and have had the need over the past couple of years to visit the Fairy LiceMothers on several occasions, during the day and, in a matter of urgency, in the evenings. The Fairy LiceMothers provide an invaluable service to our community. They not only provide a service which is seemingly unmatched by any other local business, but they do so in the utmost professional manner.

I was shocked and devastated to find out I, a professional woman, had lice. Most likely gotten from a hotel I had stayed at on business. I had gone to a number of sites on the internet, and I also went to my dermatologist, and he had nothing helpful to offer other than the the "ladies in Brooklyn" & a prescription for a creme which may have been somewhat helpful but did not cure my anxiety and humiliation. I live both in the city and on Long Island, and I began researching sites in Long Island and I found "Fairy LiceMothers ". I called and I was so thrilled to find a voice on the other end of the phone, no less, on a family vacation. Carol took time out of her personal vacation to make an appointment for me and recommended several solutions within the meantime. I went to Carol and her colleagues two times and a 3rd time for precaution and I was never SO RELIEVED to find those lovely ladies. They saw me immediately, cured the problem, offered me terrific products and allayed my fears and humiliation. I am forever grateful to them. They are a God- send to the community and they were to me.

My family had to use Fairy LiceMothers in the summer of 2009 due to the outbreak of lice at my children's school. We had tried unsuccessfully to rid the problem ourselves, repeatedly, but after visiting the salon we were "cured." The professional women at the salon provide a much needed service.

My daughter caught lice last year in school. Her hair is the same color as lice and their eggs, and it was impossible for me to see where the problem began and ended. I tried for days to get it under control, but to no avail. Finally, my doctor recommended the Fairy LiceMothers to me. I brought my daughter in, and within 2 hours, the problem was gone. They were extremely professional, patient, understanding and neat. They have extensive knowledge About lice and how to protect ourselves against it in the future. My daughter couldn't wait to go back for her follow-up visits, because it felt like a beauty salon to her. I highly recommend the
Fairy LiceMothers as a needed business in our community. Lice is an issue that affects all people across the boards, and this business is committed to limiting the problem in our schools, camps and communities overall.

I've had the "unfortunate privilege" of needing Fairy LiceMothers ' services and must say that they were a true gift to my family. They are very important to the children and families in the community.

I am writing this letter of recommendation because the Fairy LiceMothers were so helpful to my family when we were in such a time of crisis. My daughter got lice and I tried to treat it on my own with over the counter products. I went absolutely crazy combing her hair with the products, bagging all the toys and the laundry. The laundry was endless. After going through this nightmare for a week I couldn't take it anymore. I searched on the internet and found the
Fairy LiceMothers . They came into my home and treated my daughter immediately. Michelle checked my hair and my sons to make sure we weren't spreading it to each other. I felt immediate relief after she came and she told me the simple steps of what to do after she was gone. I then went to their location for Michelle to do a second check to make sure everything was gone. It was and we were extremely relieved. I would recommend their services to anyone going through this annoying, all-consuming problem.

After getting a shocking phone call from my daughter's school nurse that she had lice, I had the pleasure and privilege of getting to know three incredible women at
Fairy LiceMothers . I called them from my daughter's school and they immediately told me to come over. They reassured me that they could help me and that this was a problem that they could easily rectify! When I got to the salon, they were more than comforting to me and my daughter. They were patient and spent many long hours removing nits from both my and Amanda's scalp. I was even able to get my daughter back to school in time for the afternoon. I had my husband come too and they accommodated his busy work schedule. Fairy LiceMothers is much needed in the community. They provided me with a service that I could never have completed myself. There business name is so well known in Roslyn. All my friends depend on their service when the kids come home from sleep away camp and I plan to do the same. My applaud goes out to Carol, Michelle and Chris for bringing Fairy LiceMothers to Long Island. You will always have my business!!

Fairy LiceMothers really helped me and my 2 daughters. My girls got lice. I tried to get rid of them myself. I thought I did but was wrong. The lice just kept getting worse. I took my daughters to Fairy LiceMothers and they did an awesome job. We are lice free thanks to them. Hopefully we won't have the problem again but if we do I'll go right to the Fairy LiceMothers . I couldn't have gotten rid of the lice by myself and think a business like Fairy LiceMothers are good for the community

I am writing to express my gratitude to the Fairy LiceMothers . This summer my daughter and I became infested with lice. That same night when I thought I had it, I could not sleep a wink. Around 7:00 am the next morning, I called the Fairy LiceMothers . I felt bad that it was so early, but I hoped they could help put an end to my anxiety. The woman who answered the phone was so pleasant and so reassuring that already I felt calmer. She booked an appointment that same day for me and my three children. When we arrived we found the facility to be child-friendly and one of the Fairy LiceMothers greeted us with warmth and made us feel comfortable. After examining us, she confirmed that my daughter had lice and so did I. She successfully treated both of us with patience and kindness and helped to turn this horrible situation into something more manageable. I have nothing but positive praise and feedback for this wonderful business. I do not believe this situation could have been resolved as quickly and completely without their help. I strongly recommend that they be granted the desired variance in order to further their business.

Fairy LiceMothers has been an amazing help to me and my family. They are 3 amazing women to take time out of there life to help and educate other people with lice problems. They are there really early or really late to help people out. Their products are safe and natural for people to use. I tell people with lice problems to go to them if not go get there products because it is worth every penny! Great job ladies and keep up all the good hard work you do!

Fairy LiceMothers is a salon that provides an important service to the Long Island Community. They inform families, like mine, on how to get rid of lice as well as treat people who are experiencing this problem. They also sell products that will help repel lice as well. I cannot tell you how helpful they were to me when my daughter and I got lice from school last year. I am grateful to them for educating me and putting my mind at ease. They are compassionate people and are needed in your community. Lice can be found in the schools and affects more families than you know. People in the community need to be educated and need a service to help them rid them of the problem.

I highly recommend the Fairy LiceMothers . Their customer service and support was exceptional and with their products and treatment, the problem was solved quickly. They are a major asset to the community!

I am writing to let you know how needed and necessary the Fairy LiceMothers are to the community. Two years ago my daughters and I caught lice and were trying to rid ourselves of the problem through drug store remedies to no avail. We heard About the Fairy LiceMothers through several people who had used them and raved About their technique and professionalism. We decided to give it a try and thank goodness we did. Within two weeks we were all lice free and had a great experience. The women at Fairy LiceMothers really know what they are doing. They calm your nerves, teach you what to do at home and will work with your schedule to make sure you are getting the proper treatment. I know for sure I could not have gotten rid of my own head lice without the aid of their services. Thank you for your time.

I would like to say just how helpful The Fairy LiceMothers are to our community. We are Rockville residents and go to school at St .Agnes. This past fall there was an outbreak of lice in our school and I/we as parents did not know where to go! With four children in a household with lots of play dates, we needed to be checked for lice. I had no idea what to look for!! I was very upset and concerned for my family, this seemed like it could never happen to us, we are clean people! We were told About these wonderful and most helpful ladies!! And how convenient in the next town! We called them on a Sunday and without hesitation the saw us that very day! We were very thankful "not" to have had the lice, however we were educated on the matter and we learned how to try and prevent it as well. We also learned that it is not About being dirty, lice love clean hair! I told several people who have used the Fairy LiceMothers and we all feel that they are KIND GENEROUS MUCH NEEDED WOMAN IN OUR COMMUNITY and in our LIVES!!! Hay, you never know when it could happen to you and you just may need to call these brave women!

I received a phone call from my daughter's school nurse with the dreaded information that any parent fears: LICE! I panicked, had no idea what to do, and thought of the horror stories that I had heard from friends who had gone through this with their children. The idea of three weeks of nightly olive oil treatments, combing out and destroying nits and live bugs was enough to make me cry, both for the pain and the arguments ahead for my daughter. When faced with what I thought was going to be a family tragedy, Fairy LiceMothers simplified the treatment ahead. In simple terms, they told us what happened, what to expect, and how to deal with the entire dilemma. Instead of 3 weeks of torture, we endured 90 minutes of gentle treatment, and 2 quick return visits that set our minds at ease. They additionally went over prevention, and put smiles on all our faces again. I can't say enough positive things About Fairy LiceMothers . Until one has experienced the horror and needless shame of lice infestation, one cannot make a judgment on this fine establishment. I have recommended them to other people who have found themselves in the same predicament, and even brought another family's child to them for treatment. If faced with another phone call from the school nurse telling me we have another lice outbreak, you can bet that my first move will be to call Fairy LiceMothers again.

Fairy LiceMothers are an integral business in the community. They offer a service no other business offers and without them, the people of the community will suffer. I had the pleasure of patronizing their salon, as my family was infested with lice. They rid both my children and me of the lice, and I was more than satisfied with what their salon offers. I traveled all the way from Staten Island and sought their service because there is none like it near my house. In summation, their business is very important to the community, and I would recommend them to anyone inflicted with a lice infestation.

This is to acknowledge the valuable work that the team at Fairy LiceMothers perform. Recently, my daughter's class had an outbreak of head lice. Since I had never dealt with this type of situation, I was delighted to be able to bring her to the Fairy LiceMothers salon to get her checked out and treated, if necessary. I would recommend that this salon be supported as it provides a valuable service to the community.

The business that the Fairy LiceMothers have is a very helpful business it was especially helpful to my family when we going through a very uncomfortable, difficult situation.

I am a customer for Fairy LiceMothers and have been extremely thankful and appreciative of what they have done for my family. I have had numerous visits to them and appreciate the time and knowledge they give me during the infestation period. Having Fairy LiceMothers is a peace of mind for me knowing they are treating the problem professionally and accurately to avoid a spread academic in my elementary school and also in my home.

The Fairy LiceMothers is a lifesaving business which is absolutely needed to help children and their parents cope with the devastation of having lice. As you may know, having a case of lice in your family is a very troubling ordeal. The stress involved in getting rid of lice is insane, until you have found a wonderful business like the
Fairy LiceMothers . Since Lice are so difficult to get rid of and spread from family to family, The Fairy LiceMothers saved our family and 2 of our friend's families from ongoing stress during this past summer. This business is needed in order to prevent children and their families from going through the embarrassment and the unsafe over the counter products, as well as the cost of over the counter products and the time involved trying to get rid of them, with no real solution on your own. Once you are treated by the Fairy LiceMothers , which is an incredible and very educational process, your problem with lice is solved and you can go back to living a normal life. As I hope to never deal with Lice again. I know now that there is a solution to the problem, The
Fairy LiceMothers .

I am the mother of four, two girls and two boys. In October 2010, my youngest child was totally infested with lice. The bugs were actually crawling on the top of her head and throughout her hair. We were able to see them on the brushes and in the drawer where the brushes were placed. She had complained for quite some time of her scalp being itchy, but anytime I checked I saw nothing. On this morning in October, however, it was quite evident. Never having dealt with lice before, I was totally freaked out. On top of my youngest daughter having lice, my 15 year old daughter was undergoing chemotherapy for Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I was at my wits end. I did not know what I was going to do, and I suspected that I too had lice. A neighbor of mine had told me of the Fairy LiceMothers . I called that morning and was seen the same afternoon. The women of Fairy LiceMothers were extremely nice and knowledgeable. They first checked our scalps and showed me the lice. The treatment took About 2 hours. My daughter and I were then checked a week later and then again on week two. We were lice free from the moment we left Fairy LiceMothers . I do not know how I would have been able to rid my child nor myself of the lice had it not been for the Fairy LiceMothers . They did an amazing job. I would recommend and have recommended this service to anyone I know who has lice. Lice are extremely difficult to get rid of and unless you are taught how to treat it, which Fairy LiceMothers does as well, you can be reinfested. I know of people who have used over-the-counter products who thought they rid their children of lice to only have it go on for months and spread in school to other children. I have recommended to the PTA in my school to have this wonderful woman come in and educate the parents and staff of lice, how it

As a past customer of Fairy LiceMothers , I wish to inform you how their business has helped me in the past in an extremely sensitive and stressful time in my life. I was going through a difficult time where both my children and I had lice. Needless to say, it was not fun. They provided the most personal professional and extreme care with their treatments and put our minds at ease. They helped in the process of getting rid of the lice, and were always there to help with any questions and further treatment we had. I could have never gotten through the process, not to mention the emotional strain it had put on me, without them. They are a true asset to members of the community, who are in need of getting rid of lice; and their products are useful in the prevention as well. I have recommended them to friends and schools in need of their professional help, and received nothing but positive feedback and how fantastic their knowledge was in their field of expertise. I myself feel comfortable knowing that there is a business of this nature in the area to answer questions and come in for a service to help a child or other family members in a time where other products are useless and harmful to your hair/head.

Unfortunately, my family needed the services of the Fairy LiceMothers , and they came highly recommended. They conduct their business in the most professional and courteous manner. They made my husband, my children and I and feel as comfortable as possible throughout the whole process.

I can't say enough About the ladies at Fairy LiceMothers . They are terrific ! After more than a week of trying to treat my child's lice on my own & almost losing my mind,I called Fairy LiceMothers . They took us that same morning. The treatment was great & chemical free. They were so knowledgeable & patient with me as I asked a million questions. It turned out that I was using up all of my energy cleaning & recleaning my entire house when I should have been combing out my child's hair every day. I walked out of the Fairy LiceMothers shop with the weight of the world off my shoulders. I absolutely felt like everything was going to be o.k. You really can't put a price tag on that. The Fairy LiceMothers are worth every penny. I am happy to say my child & my home are lice free.

I just wanted to thank you ladies for making a product I had hoped never to have to use but love how well it worked! My little girl got lice near the end of school last year (2009-2010) and it was particularly virulent at her school and very resistant to tradition pesticide type treatments. Frankly I detest using anything that has so many warnings on my child and shouted for joy when we found your product!I have been a hair stylist for over 14 years and have seen my share of lice tho not on my own child till this past spring/summer and it was awful to get rid of until I found your products! Now I use them once a week as a preventative to re-infestation. I would recommend anyone wth school age kids to use your products to prevent what a fiasco we went thru this last summer getting rid of lice! Thank you very much!

I would like to thank Chris and Chris from the bottom of my heart. You ladies were so kind and compassionate not to mention informative and patient. I was in last evening with my 2 nieces who come to visit us every summer and always bring their louse(y) friends.I think this time we will solve the problem for once for all. I got thru our first home shampoo today and it went very well. One of my very good friends works in a school and I will recommend you highly. Keeping the toxins out of kids heads is so important. You have really educated us and I felt like I left with the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders.Most importantly it feels really good to be able give them big hugs again without worrying. Sean and I thank you and are very happy that we finally found a way to solve this very difficult issue. We will be watching you on FOX Monday at 915 am...Good Luck but I know you'll do great. A million thanks.

Hi Michele... thank you so much for your help and products. I came to you a few weeks ago and you were very helpful with educating me and showing me how to treat the lice. My daughter is so relieved. I learned a lot and was able to conquer this problem with the knowledge you provided and the products...

Fairy LiceMothers were recommended to me by my daughters school nurse after finding nits. What peace of mind my daughters and I had after being treated by the wonderful woman there- They ARE truly patient- HONEST, and accommodating and do a great job. If only everyone would become educated properly-this would be under control! Highly recommend them! Thank you all so much!

In an absolute time of crisis, these ladies, all three, were patient, concerned, and took the time to talk to me on the phone until I saw them the next day. They took care of me and my daughter and were just fantastic, educating and reassuring. Well worth the hour and a half long trip. Great people.

Carol: Just wanted to let you know, yesterday, Lucy said "When I grow up I want to be a Fairy LiceMothers with Carol." Maybe you should start an internship program. Sue

I wanted to thank you for giving me my life back. I was sick with worry when I found out my daughter had lice. You helped me by telling me all the facts About lice which I knew nothing About. I left the shop educated About lice and best of all my daughter was free and clear with your help. I tried 3 treatments of Rid that did not kill the eggs, only with your help was I successful,plus I would have never been able to do the wonderful job you did on my daughters long thick hair. Thank you again so much.

Hi Ladies, I just wanted to thank you for all that you did for my family this year. The school year is coming to a close next week and there is still one child in my daughter's class that is yet re-infested with lice for the third time. I take comfort in the knowledge you instilled upon me and use the shampoo you sell on a weekly basis to make sure that we are on top of the problem. It make me feel so much better to know that I can keep my risk family's chance of contracting a bad case under control. I look forward to seeing you at our school for the presentation next year. I ordered the lice book today and am going to give it to our school nurse for a end of the year gift. Thank you again for all that you did.

I highly recommend to you a service that I used called The Fairy LiceMothers . This year I had the unfortunate incident of my child coming home from school with head lice. That night I did a treatment and comb through myself. But I wasn’t sure if I was doing it properly. So I decided to call in the professionals. These 3 ladies known as The Fairy LiceMothers were amazing!!! They came to my home the evening that I called. They performed a treatment on my son. They also checked our entire family. When they came back for a follow up visit a few days later, I received the good news that my son was Lice Free. The Fairy LiceMothers were patient, gentle and most importantly thorough. It is a great service to recommend to anyone in need of assistance.

To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to tell you About Fairy LiceMothers . I first came in contact with them last August. I was at work when I received a call from my daughters camp Twin Oaks. I wasn’t prepared for what I was About to hear. They told me I needed to pick up my daughter immediately as they found a nit in her hair. I hung up the phone and ran for the next LIRR train to Merrick. I was mortified, confused and scared. I ran to the pediatrician, who told me it wasn’t lice just a bad case of dandruff. Although I felt some relief, deep down I didn’t believe him. My next stop was the drugstore. I spent over an hour not to mention a fortune purchasing different products. After doing one treatment, I decided to call Michelle Villella to assist in thoroughly removing all nits and lice. Michelle Villella was just starting her business at Fairy LiceMothers . She spent quite some time with me on the phone calming me down. She was extremely professional and very informative. Michelle came to my house that evening and combed my daughter’s hair thoroughly. Then she literally checked each strand to ensure all nits were gone. She walked me through the steps I needed to take to ensure the lice would not return. I sent her to camp the next day and she was nit and lice free. Michelle rechecked my daughter a week later and she was still lice and nit free. I completely recommend Fairy LiceMothers . They are knowledgeable, patient and truly a pleasure to work with. I hope I don’t need their services again, but just in case their number is on my refrigerator.

Fairy LiceMothers is a much needed service in our community. I have never had any experience with lice and never thought in a million years that I would even suspect that I had lice. But one day while I was over a friend's house, we realized that her 8 year old daughter kept scratching her head. It turned out that she had lice. I spend a lot of time with these kids and I started to worry that I might have lice too. I had no idea how to even determine if I had it. I wasn't itchy but that didn't convince me. My friend used Fairy LiceMothers and was very happy with their service so I decided I should give them a call just to check my head. They came over to my house and did a thorough head check using special magnifying goggles and a good light. They assured me that I was lice free. I had a lot of questions About lice and they explained everything in detail. I feel like an expert now. I highly recommend Fairy LiceMothers . I felt that they were really concerned About my situation and they were very honest. They could have told me that I did have an infestation and charged me for a treatment that I did not need. However, they performed a thorough head check and charged me $25.00 for that service. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need.

My child was sent home from school one day with a diagnosis of lice. I didn't know what to do. I felt totally overwhelmed. I didn't know where to begin on cleaning the house, I didn't want to wash my daughters hair with pesticides, and I wasn't prepared to keep her home from school until all nits were gone. I felt helpless. I didn't know what I was doing. I was in a panic! This is where Fairy LiceMothers comes in. Thank goodness for this wonderful service. I called them in a panic and they immediately calmed me down over the phone. They assured me they will come right over and they will take care of everything. Well, they came over within the hour. They explained to me exactly what I need to clean in my house. Then they checked every family member to make sure we all didn't have lice. Finally, they started the treatment on my daughter. Wow! They literally checked every strand of hair and removed the entire infestation in one treatment. My daughter was able to go back to school the next day. They recommend a rechecks just in case... They came back to my house a week later and my daughter was still lice/nit free. I can't believe how they combed out all of the lice and then meticulously went strand-by-strand to eliminate every nit in one treatment. I don't know what I would have done without Fairy LiceMothers . After watching their entire procedure, I know there would have been no way I would have had the patience to go through my daughters head the way they did. I'm sure my daughter would have been out of school for several days. My community is blessed to have this wonderful service. I highly recommend them to anyone in this situation.

I am writing to tell you how wonderful the Fairy LiceMothers are! I was not sure whether or not my daughter had lice, but the notices kept coming home from school. I kept checking myself, but did not know what to look for. I decided to call the Fairy LiceMothers and they came to my house the same day that I called. They were extremely thorough, knowledgeable and patient. Not only did they check my whole family, but they came back for two rechecks and we were lice free. They taught me so much About how to avoid a re-infestation and I would highly recommend them.